‘What’s 17 more years?’: What they’re saying about Leafs loss to Canadiens in Game 7

After much excitement for the Toronto Maple Leafs to head to the playoffs, the team took a loss 3-1 against the Montreal Canadiens in Game 7 on Monday night.

Fans and team supporters took to Twitter to share their thoughts after the game. Some were celebrating, others were hurt.

Here are some of the reactions:

Mayor John Tory wished his city’s team could have made a comeback.

“Really had hoped this was the @MapleLeafs year. Will never stop cheering on our team,” he tweeted.

Valerie Plante, the mayor of Montreal tweeted at Tory saying “I can’t wait to taste that peameal bacon sandwich.”

Plante congratulated her home team. “VICTORY! This series of 7 games will have really kept us on the edge of our chair for several days,” she said.

Former Toronto city councillor Norm Kelly added some humour to his comment on the game.

“Can one of the health-care workers in the crowd please bring the Leafs back to life,” he tweeted on Monday night.

Premier François Legault teased Premier Doug Ford in his tweet in support of the Canadiens win.

“Can’t wait to see Ontario PM @Fordnation wear the Montreal sweater.”

Leafs fans sat in disappointment post-game after watching their team lose.

Twitter user @jackalope_7 made a comparison to dessert about the Leafs losing streak, saying:

“It’s like having the smell of the best key lime pie in your nose your entire life. But you’ve never been able to taste the key lime pie.”

User @ChrissyMC_1984 said she felt for Leafs player Jason Spezza after their loss.

“The only thing I can honestly say is seeing Spezza with his head down on the bench like that, breaks my heart,” she said.

The Leafs haven’t made it past the first round of playoffs since 2004.

@CarrionBrooks was hurt by how long it’s been since his team has had a win.

“The Toronto Maple Leafs always find new ways to hurt me. I wasn’t even in kindergarten the last time they won the series seventeen years ago. What’s seventeen more years?” they said.

Canadiens fans took to Twitter to celebrate their team’s win.



User @ReenaKudhail tweeted, “We did it!!!! Was afraid to jinx it, but that was the best game I’ve seen #Habs play, in recent memory, team effort from start to finish.”

@HaraniT complimented Habs player Carey Price for his efforts during the game.

“Price gave them the chance to win every night. And the confidence that he’s got their back,” they said.

Very different outcomes for each team, means opposite feelings in both Toronto and Montreal.

@MilkmanMike123 tweets:

“Tomorrow the sun will rise and it will be a great day. But only one city will enjoy it. That my friends is Montreal.”

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