Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: Most anticipated video games of 2022

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Getting old
I’m going to highlight something that is a bit under the radar and is due out soon. Sifu comes out on the 8th of February and is a weighty, counter-focused combat game that takes more than a little inspiration from movies like Oldboy. The central gimmick is that your character ages every time you get a game over, but this unlocks more techniques to use.

Overall, I think 2022 has the potential to be a classic, and being bookended by Elden Ring and a Breath Of The Wild sequel means it should be an incredible year. Usually I would welcome it, but I have a Master’s to finish and don’t want to be distracted by dozens of games I want to play! I still will be though….

Too many remakes
Given the back catalogue of PlayStation games I’ve still to play I probably shouldn’t be looking at any new games for 2022 but I know I’ll weaken and end up buying a few so these are the ones I’m most looking forward to as it stands:

Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection (PS5) – just love the Uncharted series. Naughty Dog, I think, are unequalled in their storytelling and, visually, their games are always on the mark.

Gran Turismo 7 (PS5) – big fan of the series and it has been a long wait since Gran Turismo 6. Visually they’re always stunning but will be interesting to see what they introduce with Gran Turismo 7 to counter the admittedly impressive Forza Horizon 5.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (NS) – more for nostalgia really. Love the Lego Star Wars games of the past but this reboot, from what I have seen and read, sounds like being the most impressive of all, especially if they can remove the bugs of the earlier games.

Dead Space remake (PS5) – again a bit of nostalgia for me. I loved the original Dead Space on PlayStation 3 and felt it was genuinely one of the most tense and atmospheric games I’ve played.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 (NS) – a bit of a no-brainer for me, being a big Zelda fan, although I’ve still to complete Breath Of The Wild, so this can wait for a while.

Of all those above, Gran Turismo 7, Lego Star Wars, and Breath Of The Wild 2 are the most likely buys for me.

I don’t think 2022 will be a classic year for games, owing to the lack of new exclusives – most are remakes so not much actual creativity – but if remakes are done well they can often be just as satisfying.

Pre-order now
For me it has to be Horizon Forbidden West and God Of War Ragnarök. Every second of Horizon Zero Dawn I loved – the graphics and the story – and after seeing trailers I’ll be pre-ordering that as soon as there is a fixed date.

With God Of War, at first I wasn’t sure if I liked it but after about 30 minutes I couldn’t put the controller down. So yes, for me it has to be them this year.

GC: Horizon Forbidden West is out on February 18. Although why you’d need to pre-order we don’t know.

Virtual hopes
What I am most looking forward to this year, if it actually does release this year, is PlayStation VR2 and the new games for it. I currently own a PlayStation VR1 and PS4 Pro, and when I first played Astro Bot: Rescue Mission I was blown away by it and with the specs coming out for the PSVR 2 its sounds like a massive upgrade.

Although I do like PSVR 1 it is very limited compared to what I have heard about and read about the Oculus Quest 2, or Oculus Meta 2 as it is called now. Obviously, when it first came out it was high tech but not like an expensive PC gaming rig and high quality headset. I’m glad there is going to be only one cable attached to the headset, as it is quite awkward to setup the PSVR 1 to play currently.

I’m looking forward to playing the new Horizon VR game, although I have not completed the first game, but at some point will try to. Also, I can’t afford an expensive PC and expensive headset to experience Half-Life: Alyx and have a small home, but with the rumour that
the game is coming to PlayStation 5 I am really excited. Although I am worried about some of the bits in Half-Life: Alyx which are quite scary in VR, as I don’t play horror games on flatscreens and I have avoided playing Resident Evil 7 in VR or even non-VR version because of this.

Hopefully there will be a new Astro Bot game for the PSVR 2 and with the high quality visuals the new headset can achieve I am very excited. I was a bit concerned and shocked that the new headset has rumble tech in it but apparently it is quite subtle and doesn’t simulate something like a punch or a crash or something.

Through the various lockdowns I found VR was a good way to escape the feeling of being locked in at home, I’ve tried to explain what VR is like to friends and family but like they say in The Matrix you have to experience it for yourself!
Andrew J.
PS: I am really looking forward to Moss: Book 2 on PSVR 1 and also the new controllers on PSVR 2, as in some games the PlayStation 3 motion controllers are horrendous to use and others they seem to work OK. I got both my motion controllers for £50 new but they are going for silly money on Amazon and eBay. I don’t know why Sony decided to cause this by not making enough.

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