UK meteorite contains material from the dawn of the solar system

raced through the sky above Britain on February 28, a global effort went into narrowing down the exact landing area for fragments of meteorite it shot into the sky.

Data was analysed in Australia to narrow down the search which identified Winchcombe, Glos, in the Cotswolds, as the likely landing place.

The search was led by Glasgow University planetary geoscientist Luke Daly, 30, who helped set up the UK Fireball Alliance, a sky-camera network which caught sight of the meteorite, and PhD student Aine O’Brien, 29.

But it was Luke’s partner, Mira Ihasz, 34, who found the precious rock – after her mum predicted she would, beating around 20 scientists.

Mira, 34, said: ‘Luke is always talking about the camera network and he was always crossing the country setting up cameras on people’s rooftops. For years I was thinking, ‘One day we will have a meteorite and when that day comes I will make sure I am there and go out and hunt’.

‘I was hoping they didn’t find it so we could find it together. We went out to a field full of sheep poos. I really felt after an hour so embarrassed not being a scientist and not knowing what is a meteorite because it is completely different from being in a museum with the spotlight where it glitters.

‘I was focusing so hard, going everywhere, turning over every single blade of glass. I saw something and I wasn’t sure. When Luke arrived and said ‘This is it’ I had a complete blackout.

‘Everybody was just celebrating and jumping. It was such a moment. I think when you win the Lottery you are probably not as enthusiastic. My heart was beating like crazy.’

Meteorite that lit up night sky over UK is found in the Cotswolds

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