Facebook is ‘unquestionably making hate worse’, says whistleblower Frances Haugen – politics live

Children don’t have as good self regulation as adults do, that’s why they’re not allowed to buy cigarettes. When kids describe their usage of Instagram, Facebook’s own research describes it as ‘an addict’s narrative’. The kids say ‘this makes me unhappy, I don’t have the ability to control my usage of it, and I feel … Read more

Coronavirus live: China to vaccinate children as young as three; Merck asks EU regulator to authorise Covid pill

Leighton Slattery, Asray Gopa and Charlie Blocker are all US citizens, attempting to navigate the pandemic without easy access to the high-quality vaccines that are the linchpin of the US strategy. They are among 14 Americans abroad who spoke with the Washington Post about their struggles to get the shots, saying they received little guidance … Read more

What a net zero world will look like – and how to get there

As the days count down to the Cop26 summit, the phrase ‘net zero’ is coming up increasingly often. Scientists, activists, environmentalists and politicians use it as shorthand for the necessary steps to stop adding to the total amount of carbon in the atmosphere. The UK set out its net zero strategy last week, and called … Read more