Goalkeeper strikes teammate in Irish football match

There were crazy scenes in a football match in Ireland this weekend when a goalkeeper violently took his anger out on a teammate. A violent altercation between teammates has overshadowed a football match in the Irish Premiership on Sunday (AEDT). Glentoran was leading 2-1 when Cathair Friel equalised for Coleraine in the 80th minute, with … Read more

Drop Pat or Mitch … it may be Australia’s best hope

One is billed as the next Test skipper, the other is a T20 legend … but there may not be room for both as Australia searches for its strongest line-up at the T20 World Cup. Mitchell Starc might be one of only two Australians in Twenty20 cricket’s top 20, but Josh Hazlewood is poised to … Read more

America’s Got Talent TV stunt goes horribly wrong

A chilling emergency call has revealed the details of how an America’s Got Talent stuntman was seriously injured on set. ‘America’s Got Talent: Extreme’ stuntman Jonathan Goodwin landed on his head after “cars slammed into him,” a chilling 911 call has revealed. The accident happened on Thursday night on the set of the show and … Read more