San Diego Reports Just 45 New COVID Cases and No Deaths, But Officials Still Urge Caution

COVID-19 vaccines are offered in Chula Vista.
A COVID-19 vaccine and recipient . Photo by Chris Stone

 San Diego County reported just 45 new COVID-19 cases and no deaths Monday as health officials reminded the public to continue taking precautions to avoid getting and transmitting COVID-19 this holiday weekend.

While the number of local COVID-19 cases has significantly decreased in recent weeks, not enough San Diegans have been vaccinated for the region to achieve herd immunity, officials said.

“The pandemic is not over. We must continue taking precautions to protect San Diegans who can’t or won’t get vaccinated,” said Dr. Wilma Wooten, the county public health officer. “People who have not been vaccinated should be wearing a mask, keeping their distance and avoiding large gatherings.”

San Diegans who get vaccinated against the virus will be able to participate in the state’s drawing to distribute $116.5 million in prizes. The state will include all the names in the San Diego Immunization Registry in its drawing.

Two million Californians who have not been vaccinated will be eligible to get a $50 gift card if they get vaccinated by June 15. The $100 million in gift cards will be distributed when they are fully vaccinated.

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