Piers Morgan’s wife says she’s ‘living with a savage’ as he destroys loaf of bread

Piers Morgan’s wife Celia Walden branded her husband a “savage” after he scooped the middle out of a bread loaf.

The former Good Morning Britain host has committed the ultimate food sin and, for some reason, decided the rest of the loaf wasn’t worth his time.

Celia shared the shocking image of the loaf and its sad hollow bread cave.

“Yes I realise the inside’s the nicest bit, Piers, but we’ve talked about this #livingwithasavage #theregoesmysandwich,” she captioned the post.

Fans immediately took to the comment section to share their jokes about the matter.

Wheat it and weep – Piers Morgan was branded a ‘savage’ by his wife for destroying a loaf of bread

“I used to do that .. when I was a child,” one amused user commented on the situation.

One follower joked: “Are you sure it was Piers? Did you dust for fingerprints?” while another tried to come up with a solution: “Fill it with homemade soup or clam chowder.”

The broadcaster balanced being an agent of chaos with a calm weekend by the pool as temperatures skyrocketed to 25 degrees centigrade.

Piers Morgan
Celia was not impressed with Piers’ bread antics

Piers Morgan
Eat the middle of the loaf? Check. Hangout by the pool? Check

Piers was able to kick back and enjoy the sunshine from his family swimming pool – which he flaunted seamlessly on Instagram.

The former Good Morning Britain star slipped into a pair of simple shorts and a light blue polo shirt as he enjoyed life by the pool.

He shared a photo of his own private garden on Instagram on Monday, showing the sun beating down on his plants, hedges and shimmering pool.

He captioned the moment: “What a beautiful day,” alongside two blazing flame emojis.

The Bank Holiday weekend saw temperatures soaring for the first time in what felt like forever.

Stars with pools and giant gardens – like Stacey Solomon and Christine McGuinness – finally got the opportunity to use their amenities and stripped to their bathing suits.

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