Peach and bulgar wheat salad: Fruity salad for lunch boxes

Make the morning rush a little easier with healthy lunch box recipes. This peach and bulgar wheat salad is a different option from the usual lunch box sandwiches that all kids will love.

Adding stone fruit to your peach and bulgar wheat salad gives it a nutritious punch offering generous helpings of vitamins and other essential nutrients to keep budding learners sharp throughout the day.

This refreshing salad from celebrity chef, Jenny Morris, is super easy to prepare as you simply toss the ingredients together. You can prepare this peach and bulgar wheat salad the night before as it will stay fresh until the next day. It is an absolutely yummy and filling alternative to regular school sandwiches, guaranteed to keep hunger pangs at bay.

This recipe is also perfect for the rest of the family. In our hot summer weather, sometimes all we want is a refreshing salad to keep us going. Get all the energy you need for a successful day.

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