Memorial Day travel expected to break records at San Diego International Airport

SAN DIEGO – San Diego International Airport is expected to see a record-breaking number of travelers this Memorial Day weekend, according to airport officials.

Memorial Day travel was busy at the airport, but smooth for many passengers and their pets on Saturday.

“We came from Denver, Colorado,” said passenger Kimberly Lubuguian. “Our flight left pretty much on time. Pretty smooth flight. We were able to get lunch before we got on… collect our luggage here right away. I think the rental car line took a little bit of time.”

Some passengers from other parts of the country dealt with a little more congestion. 

“It was packed,” said passenger Brayden Chandler. “We couldn’t park in Pensacola at all.”

A San Diego International Airport spokesperson says the airport has seen a 557% increase in passengers this year compared its 2020 numbers. However, travel is still down 39% compared to 2019’s pre-pandemic numbers.

“Our flight was crowded but we definitely felt very safe even before the flight took off,” said Lubuguian. “The flight attendant went around collecting the initial wipes and garbage that we anticipated that we would have.”

Passengers are not expected to have a COVID-19 ‘vaccine passport’ to travel in the U.S. but Lubuguian said she made sure to be fully vaccinated.

“My husband and I are both vaccinated,” said Lubuguian. “Our kids are too young to be vaccinated.”

Meanwhile, other younger passengers said they felt safe with everyone masked up.

“Cause it’s less risk that I’m going to catch it so they can’t spread it to me,” said Chandler.

The airport also wants to remind passengers they are federally mandated to continue to wear masks until September.

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