MarketInk: For iHeart Media Producer Travis Dale, Hosting a Talk Show Is ‘Dream Come True’

Travis Dale
Travis Dale

As a teenager growing up in Cherry Valley in Riverside County, Travis Dale became enamored with radio.

In his bedroom, away from family distractions, Dale would listen to “Pirate Radio,” a Los Angeles station, KQLZ 100.3-FM, that changed from an easy listening format to rock music after deejays had “taken over” and moved operations to an abandoned warehouse off Interstate 10 with a 200,000-watt transmitter. Or, so that was their claim.

“I’ve always wanted to be one of those guys on the air,” Dale told Times of San Diego. “I’ve kept trying and it hasn’t been easy.”

While raising a family — Dale and his wife Sarah, a school psychologist, have three children — he sold copiers, uniforms and did electrical work. For 14 years, he sold airtime for stations in Riverside, Fresno, Temecula and San Diego.

Then, one day in September 2019, he recorded himself delivering a pseudo traffic and weather report and submitted it as an audition tape. “I had the support and blessings from my wife and kids to reinvent myself and try again to be on the radio,” said Dale. “Finally, it worked.”

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