Man Visiting Town Squeezes In Least Important Friend From 2:30 To 3:15 P.M.

SAN FRANCISCO—Failing to realize he had overbooked his short business trip to the Bay Area until it was far too late, local man Thomas Keeler managed to squeeze in a hangout Tuesday with his least important friend from 2:30 to 3:15 p.m. “Hey man, is there any way we could meet up sometime after lunch today, I’ve got this perfect 45-minute window of free time between things and I’d love to see you,” said Keeler, adding that he just had another friend cancel, which freed him up to swing by and grab a snack, a coffee, or even just walk around the neighborhood with him like old times. “Sorry, I know my trip has been really rushed and this is really late notice, but if there’s any way I can see you in the afternoon even for just five or 10 minutes, it’d be great to catch up. You still live at your old place, right? That’s perfect, because it’s, like, half an hour away from my hotel, and it actually puts me really close to the restaurant I’m grabbing happy hour drinks with some old coworkers later.” Keeler added that if his friend couldn’t hang out he totally understood, but maybe he could meet up for breakfast the next day and give him a ride to the airport if he had extra time before work.

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