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Kāpō Māori Aotearoa (KMA), Parents of Vision Impaired
NZ (PVI) and Blind Low Vision NZ (BLVNZ) are pleased to
announce their collaboration on an important initiative for
the blind, deafblind, low vision and vision impaired
communities. This initiative is supported by the Ministry of
Health. The initiative aims to create and disseminate
relevant, timely and useful information relating to the
Government’s vaccine roll-out plan, in accessible formats
for this community, many of whom are listed in Group 3 and
4. The barriers faced by this community are intersectional
and prevent access to important information.

standing together and combining efforts, the collaboration
aims to significantly reduce these barriers and tailor
communications to the needs of the various groups in our
shared community. The content will be co-designed with
membership of KMA, PVI and BLVNZ and will ensure that
everyone in our shared communities is supported to make
informed decisions with regards to the vaccination and
access equity of information shared.

The initiative,
named Kāpō Vaccine Communications, will include the
development of a series of short, clear, audio-described
videos for our community, created in multiple languages and
accompanied by resources provided in a range of accessible
formats. This initiative is supported by the COVID-19
Vaccine and Immunisation Disabled Peoples Communications
Fund, Ministry of Health. The collaboration are grateful for
the support of the Ministry of Health for this initiative
and look forward to sharing the resources with their
communities in due

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