Kate Middleton Shares COVID Vaccine Photo, ‘Hugely Grateful’ After 1st Dose

The Duchess of Cambridge has shared a photo of herself receiving a COVID vaccine dose and expressed gratitude to those involved in distributing them.

The image of Kate Middleton, 39, was shared through the official social media accounts of her and her husband, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.

Kate received the dose, her first, at London’s Science Museum based in the South Kensington area of England’s capital.

“Yesterday I received my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at London’s Science Museum,” the social media post read.

“I’m hugely grateful to everyone who is playing a part in the rollout – thank you for everything you are doing.”

It had more than 330,000 likes on Instagram at the time of writing. The post on Twitter has more than 11,000 likes and 1,000 retweets.

Royal fans welcomed the news and sent messages of support to the duchess through social media.

Prince William, who is Prince Charles‘ eldest son and second in line to the throne, received his first dose just over a week before.

He similarly expressed his thanks to those involved in getting people vaccinated.

In a post on May 20, he wrote: “On Tuesday I received my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. To all those working on the vaccine rollout – thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do.”

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge smiles as she meets local fishermen and their families to hear about the work of fishing communities in the village of Pittennweem with Prince William, Duke of Cambridge on day six of their week long visit to Scotland on May 26, 2021 in Fife, Scotland. She has received her first dose of the COVID vaccine.
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The photo of the prince receiving his vaccine dose went viral, with people commenting on his arms and discussing them being toned. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II received her first dose back in January.

William and Kate were married in 2011 and celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in April. They released some new photographs to celebrate the milestone.

According to government data, more than 63 million vaccine doses have been given out in the U.K. and more than 24 million people there are fully vaccinated. As of this week, all those aged 30 and over there have been eligible to book to receive the vaccine.

The U.K. is gradually lifting lockdown measures put in place amid the pandemic, with a target of a full reopening of June 21.

According to Johns Hopkins University figures, there have been more than 4.4 million coronavirus cases across the U.K. throughout the pandemic and there have been more than 128,000 related deaths.

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