How San Diego plans to honor US heroes this Memorial Day

SAN DIEGO — This Memorial Day will be far different from a quiet 2020, with some gatherings hosted by San Diego Veterans Affairs and other military organizations welcoming back guests in person.

Online or in-person events will be held at Fort Rosecrans, Coronado, Mt. Soledad, the Midway Museum and Miramar National Cemetery, among others. The San Diego Tourism Authority has put together a list with some of the other planned ceremonies for those looking for more details.

No masks will be required at the outdoor events for those who have been inoculated, but for those who have not received their COVID-19 shot, they are asked to wear a mask and continue to socially distance. The VA says most events will be scaled back slightly but will be a huge improvement from the cancelations from 2020’ Memorial Day.   

“This Memorial Day is a memory course for those who we’ve lost in the military, but its also a time for those to finally get out there and do something that they want to do,” said Retired Air Force Major Glenn Ignazio.  

Ignazio, a 22-year special operations pilot for the Air Force, is thrilled to be able to visit with his brothers in arms once again and honor those who died serving in the military. 

“Memorial Day is for those who never really left the uniform. At times people will say, ‘Thank you for your services, but this is not our holiday.’” Ignazio said. 

Ignazio says he hopes this Memorial Day will heal some of the racial and political divides the U.S. has been struggling through. 

“You look at a fellow soldier, airman, sailor, Marine that has been lost — we don’t think what color they were — and that’s the way it is when you are wearing a uniform. That’s something to capitalize on,” said Major Ignazio

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