Craig Revel-Horwood tipped to be Knickerbocker Glory as judges think Scarecrow is Kelly Holmes

ZIP and Knickerbocker Glory return in The Masked Dancer as fans prepare for the ITV gameshow’s third episode.

Louise Redknapp was booted off on Sunday after it was revealed the former Eternal singer was underneath the Flamingo costume.

On Saturday, Jordan Banjo was the first to be unmasked on The Masked Dancer.

And now fans will be putting their detective skills to the test again with theories ranging from Craig Revel-Horwood to Eddy Izzard for Knickerbocker Glory.

Meanwhile, for Beetroot, there were suggestions of Miley Cyrus, Kelly Osborne and even Meghan Markle.

The Masked Dancer will be shown EVERY NIGHT – except for Wednesday – until next Saturday’s grand final.

So stay tuned for all the latest action and fan theories below….


    Fans are completely perplexed by The Masked Dancer’s Beetroot – there are all manner of names being thrown around Twitter.

    Liz Hurley, Nicole Richie, Shania Twain and Kim Catrall are all being banded around.

    Could Beetroot be the HUGE star Joel Dommett has warned us about?


    Now, I might be going out on a limb here, but could Beetroot be Miley Cyrus?

    Oh okay, so Mo is reading my mind.

    Though his guess of Kelly Osbourne is probably more likely. Miley is probs a little too busy to be on The Masked Dancer in the UK… Kelly, maybe not so much.


    This is it. This clever person has got it sussed.

    The hair bears a striking resemblance and I’m certain BoJo can move as well as Scarecrow.

    What do you think?


    Oti Mabuse has admitted she is “frustrated” by Scarecrow for confusing her.

    I’m convinced she – or he – is a sports star, otherwise I’m stumped, too.

    Though Mo has begun the Stacey Solomon rumour all over again, so we have that.


    This Masked Dancer viewer makes such a valid point.

    “There is no costume i don’t love,” he tweeted.

    I mean, even Carwash has some appeal. And Scarecrow is super cute.

    I’m tipping him – or her – to be a sports star. Did you see that impressive Scarecrow limbering? They won’t get DOMS tomorrow!


    Just like it’s sister show The Masked Singer, The Masked Dancer really sucks you in, doesn’t it?

    Even my husband who dismissed it earlier seemed very invested in trying to guess who Llama is…


    While on the subject of Line Of Duty… Never has there been such impressive note taking than when Gogglebox’s Jenny Newby tried to suss out who H was. 

    This fan has been busy trying to work out ALL of the clues. 

    I mean, this is impressive. Do they need another judge on the panel?

    Cos if so, Hanny could be their gal. 

  • AC12 CLUE

    Fans are going wild that Llama is connected to Line Of Duty due to the AC12 clue.

    One viewer tweeted: “AC 12 as a clue…I would SCREAM if Llama was Adrian Dunbar.” Another added: “If Llama is from #lineofduty, it could be Keeley Hawes.”

    I’m really hoping for Jenny from Gogglebox, personally. She LOVED Line Of Duty after all. LOL.


    Some viewers are convinced Llama is Zoe Ball – but will they change their minds after these clues?

    They didn’t seem to point towards the Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two presenter.

    I am stumped.


    Davina McCall was up and at ‘em today, despite it being Bank Holiday Monday. 

    According to her Instagram, the Masked Singer judge had already done a sweaty workout at 7.51am and was on her way to the supermarket. 

    I would love to say I have her enthusiasm at that time in the morning. But unfortunately I don’t. 


    A fair few viewers are suddenly convinced that Knickerbocker Glory is Debbie McGee.

    “Knickerbocker Glory – Debbie McGee,” one tweeted. Another added: “That is I’m sure Debbie McGee.”

    Though one asked: “@sheridansmith1..are you knickerbocker glory?”

    Oh no, don’t start that again! #sausage.



    Not to sound like Alison Hammond on I Can See Your Voice, but I went to dance school when I was younger and this ice-cream certainly has some decent training in her.

    What a corker of a Cabaret that was! I was waving my jazz hands, I’ll confess.



    Cooking, juggling, magic tricks. Hmmm, maybe Knickerbocker Glory is not Susanna Reid.

    If the dancer was, she probably would have made Piers Morgan disappear from Good Morning Britain quicker than he did…


    Oti Mabuse has just confessed to being a control freak.

    “I am such a control freak. With dancing, I have all the control. With this, I have no control” she told Joel Dommett.

    There is a reason why this babe has done so well in her career!


    So we’ve been warned that one of tonight’s five – Knickerbocker Glory, Llama, Scarecrow, Beetroot and Zip – is a mega star.

    But which one is it?

    I’m so here for this. And Joel’s butterfly suit. So fetch.


    Get your guessing brains on – as it is here!

    I cannot wait for tonight. The big reveal had better live up to all the hype.

    Obama perhaps? I’m aiming high…


    Fans are utterly convinced that Take That star Howard Donald is taking part in The Masked Dancer.

    But the hilarious thing is, they can’t seem to decide on which actual dancer he is. 

    “Did anyone else notice the gold double TT on mutts? Howard Donald has a pilot licence! Totally think he is Beagle,” one viewer tweeted. 

    “@howarddonald are you carwash?!?!?!” another has asked.

    A third, meanwhile, tweeted a clip of Zip dancing and declared: “Tell me you are @howarddonald without telling me you are Howard Donald.”



    The Masked Dancer’s Davina McCall has revealed who her current favourite is.

    The judge has found her heart melting for Knickerbocker Glory.

    In a Twitter video, Davina said: “I’ve got to say that, at the moment, my favourite for sheer delivery – and when you think about the costume they are wearing, I don’t know how they are doing it – but Knickerbocker Glory.”


    Viewers have been sharing their thoughts on who Beetroot is – and some are convinced the purple veg is Rita Ora. 

    Err, do you not think she would be sat on the panel if she was able to take part?!

    Rita was unable to take part in The Masked Singer’s spin-off show, as explained below, meaning Oti Mabuse has waltzed into her judging seat. 

    Could you imagine if Beetroot WAS her though? That would be funny.


    Rita Ora has been confirmed for the third series of The Masked Singer – despite her lockdown breach. 

    The star was unable to take part in spin-off show The Masked Dancer due to a schedule clash, but she will be returning to The Masked Dancer. 

    Derek McLean, one of the show’s producers told Daily Star: “The key thing ­everyone just needs to understand is Rita was not available for The Masked Dancer ­because she was filming in Australia and the thing she does on The Masked Singer is be the voice expert.

    “She is the one everyone turns to and says, ‘Do you know who this is?’ and ‘Can you tell who that voice is?’”


    Joel Dommett has already sent fans into a frenzy by confessing that tonight’s reveal is going to be a whopper. 

    In a new backstage video, he has upped the suspense and said: “It is one of the biggest reveals we’ve EVER done.”

    Judge Mo Gilligan could then be heard declaring, “It’s gonna be a mad ting, bruv,” as he walked past. 



    Good Morning Britain entertainment reporter Will Njobvu has been busy adding to rumours that either Susanna Reid or Charlotte Hawkins could be Knickerbocker Glory. 

    He said in a video on Twitter: “I’ve been thinking and connecting the dots this morning. 

    “Could GMB’s very own Susanna Reid be behind one of the masks? I’m on to something here, I’m on to something. Oti even thinks it’s her.”

    He added: “It could even be Charlotte Hawkins, actually.”

    My money is on Susanna. She IS off GMB on ‘holiday’ all this week, after all… 


    The rumour mill has gone into overdrive after Knickerbocker Glory gave away a big clue. 

    “Pay attention to the scoop,” she previously teased in her VT. 

    Judge Oti suggested Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid, while others have suggested Susanna’s co-star Charlotte Hawkins. 

    Both ladies have appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, so they can move… 


    There is less than an hour to go now, people.

    At 7.30pm tonight, The Masked Dancer will be back on our screens for another instalment of the nation’s (current) favourite game show.

    The programme looks set to be a corker, with host Joe Dommett teasing a very big reveal.

    Appearing on Lorraine, he told stand-in host Cat Deeley: “There was one in particular, that I genuinely… for me…it was the biggest reaction I gave when I was told it was them.

    “I just couldn’t believe that they’d done the show. I just never believed that they would do it.”


    The Masked Dancer has run a poll to see whether viewers preferred Frog or Beagle. 

    Well, the results so far show that it is almost neck and neck. 

    Frog is currently sitting with 40 per cent of the votes, while Beagle has 51 per cent. 

    Who’s your favourite? When it comes to cuteness, Beagle has to win, right?

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