Corning Police arrest man for throwing brick at Tom Reed's office, leaving dead rat at the Congressman's home

CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) – Jack Kahabka of Watkins Glen has been arrested and charged with throwing a brick through Congressman Tom Reed’s Market Street office and for leaving a dead rat at the Congressman’s home in Steuben County.

According to Corning Police, Kahabka was arrested by members of the Corning Police Department and the F.B.I. in connection to the damage at Reed’s office, as well as the Congressman’s private home.

Kahabka has been charged with making terroristic threats and criminal mischief, both felonies.

18 News spoke with Congressman Reed at a ribbon cutting in Montour Falls following Kahabka’s arrest.

I want to extend a message to this individual towards families that we hope that as we go forward, this individual, and so hopefully we can all learn from that and what we can do is move forward in a positive way from

The Corning Police Department released court documents outlining Kahabka’s charges:

Tom Reed Cases _ Felony Complaints by George Stockburger on Scribd

On Aug. 26, 2020, during a Congressional campaign, Congressman Reed’s office was vandalized when a brick was thrown through the front window of his office on Market Street in Corning. No campaign staffers were inside the building and no one was hurt by the brick or broken glass.

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Surveillance video from a nearby business captured the incident, but due to the distance and time of day the suspect was difficult to see.

“This type of violence is completely unacceptable,” said Reed following the incident. “To the coward who did this… this will not deter us.”

Tom Reed “threatened” with dead animal & brick at home; investigation underway

Kahabka was arrested without incident and taken to the Corning Police Department for processing. Corning Police say Kahabka remained cooperative and was taken to the Steuben County Jail to be held until Steuben County Centralized Arraignment (CAP) Court goes into session this afternoon.

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