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Latest coronavirus updates

11.07.2021: Study: Simple window ventilation better than expensive air filters Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany, have found in a new study on containing the Covid 19 pandemic and increasing air quality in classrooms that normal window ventilation supported by simple technical aids such as fans and extractor bonnets is … Read more

The new government team is taking shape

Berlin (dpa) – Who will have which role in the three-party coalition? The FDP has already announced its government team, and the Greens will follow suit on Thursday. The SPD could take even longer. This is what we already know for sure: Chancellor: The current Finance Minister and Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) is to … Read more

Coalition deal in place for new federal government

Berlin – Two months after the Bundestag elections, the SPD, Greens and the FDP have agreed on a coalition treaty. The leaders of the three parties presented the negotiated deal in Berlin on Wednesday, which is to form the basis for the work of the new federal government. Olaf Scholz (SPD) is to be Germany’s … Read more

Stricter coronavirus rules in force

Berlin (dpa) – In view of the massive rise in coronavirus infections, new measures have come into force in many parts of Germany. In several federal states, only those who have been vaccinated or have recovered from Covid will be allowed access to many places from Wednesday. In addition, an amended Infection Protection Act will … Read more

Lawyers: Compulsory vaccinations are compatible with Basic Law

Berlin (dpa) – Supporters of compulsory coronavirus vaccinations now have the backing of legal experts. Renowned lawyers believe them to be compatible with Germany’s Basic Law. In the view of constitutional lawyer Ulrich Battis, compulsory vaccinations would be covered by the Basic Law. “This kind of universal obligation to be vaccinated is perfectly justifiable – … Read more

Merkel: Current coronavirus measures not sufficient

Berlin (dpa) – In view of the dramatic rise in coronavirus cases, Acting Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) does not consider the current measures to be sufficient. “We have a highly dramatic situation. What is in place now is not sufficient,” Merkel was quoted as saying on Monday by participants in the hybrid consultations of the … Read more