Bob Baffert Once Again Denies Doping Allegations After Medina Spirit Wins Coca-Cola 600

CHARLOTTE, NC—Insisting that he would be cleared of all wrongdoing and is the target of a media witch hunt, embattled horse trainer Bob Baffert once again denied doping allegations Monday after his horse Medina Spirit won the Coca-Cola 600. “It’s a shame that my enemies are trying to downplay this historic accomplishment,” said Baffert, who credited Medina Spirit’s world-class trainers for pushing the thoroughbred to run the 600-mile race at a consistent 180-miles-per-hour pace. “Lord knows they subjected him to constant testing. And what do the tests show? Nothing. Everyone is just jealous because they didn’t put in the work. Anyone who’s paying attention knows that this is just a smear campaign against my racehorse.” At press time, Baffert promised to take legal action against NASCAR after Medina Spirit was removed from the FedEx Cup standings.

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