30 ideas “gardening with a sitting corner” to relax and enjoy

Not all gardens are strictly functional. A well thought out landscaping design can turn an average backyard into a little slice of paradise. Incorporating the utilitarian aspects of horticulture with the serene beauty of nature can lead to a backyard as unique as the homeowner.

Gardens are no longer relegated to one corner of the yard. Many modern landscaping designs divide the garden up into a variety of “islands” scattered across the property. Walk-ways, gates and creative use of flowers and plants are often used to create a feeling of openness and a sense of organization. Creatively placed garden furniture not only adds to the inviting nature of your garden, but it also provides areas in which to relax and enjoy the fruit of your labors.

Garden areas are often the focal point of summertime barbecues and family parties. Well planned landscaping should not only draw you into the garden, but it should provide places for relaxation and conversation. The right benches, chairs, and other pieces of garden furniture can present the casual observer a place to sit and enjoy their surroundings.

Garden furniture is often considered functional art. Many gardens include highly decorative benches and chairs; however, these are still just benches and chairs. There are many examples of seating areas of alternative designs and materials. For a more rustic look, many people find that simple split logs often make the ideal “natural” bench. Another popular alternative is to use recycled “junk” material, such as old automobile wheels and seats to create one-of-a-kind pieces of garden art.

Eco-friendly garden furniture has gained a large share of the market in recent years. Tables and chairs are often made from reclaimed wood and/or recycled plastic. Quickly renewable materials such as rattan and bamboo are also popular alternatives to traditional hardwood. If you plan to purchase reclaimed wood furniture and repaint it, make sure you do so with a water-based paint so that the furniture can be safely recycled at the end of its usefulness.

Whatever your decision regarding your outdoor furniture, the most important thing is that it reflects your personal tastes; after all, it is your garden. The options are nearly infinite and the only real limitation is your own imagination.


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