28 Best Cinder Block Bench Ideas To Easily Add More Seating In Your Garden | Decor Home Ideas

28 Best Cinder Block Bench Ideas To Easily Add More Seating In Your Garden | Decor Home Ideas

If you think it’s too late to join the cinder block revolution, think again. It will never be too late for thinking up creative ways to use cinder blocks.

They’re cheap and sturdy.

  • How much does it cost to make a cinder block bench?

A barebones basic cinder block bench can be built for under $50 USD. The price will go up depending on your choices of cushions, fabric and paint.

The 12 inch blocks run from $2.00 to $4.00 dollars a piece. They drop in price as they drop in size. You may find blocks for free through construction projects.


  • How many cinder blocks do you need to make a bench?

The most common design calls for twelve cinder blocks. That’s 6 on each side. You can get away with six blocks in total for a small, low bench.

  • How do you stick cinder blocks together?

Construction adhesive or any type of liquid nails will securely hold a few blocks together. Mortar isn’t necessary for any of the following ideas but should be used for bigger projects like retaining walls.

Keep in mind that the strength of cinder blocks is compromised when used with the holes facing outward or on their ends. This is mostly a concern when used as construction or heavy support, but good to know in case you have an ambitious project in your future.

Let’s take a look at these bench ideas.

1. DIY Cinder Block Bar Tutorial

Yes, we know this article is about cinder block bench ideas, but why not add a bar to our bench while we’re at it?

This easy DIY project gives you all the basics for making your own cinder block bar and bench.

Click the link to follow along with the tutorial on our site. When you’ve finished, you’ll have all the skills you need under your belt to make any other project listed here.


2. Cinder Block Bench With Smooth Surface

If you don’t want to deal with 4 x 4 lumber, or you don’t like the holes in the center blocks, check out this version of a cinder block bench. The blocks are set up as they would be when building a wall.

You can have a plank across the top or add a stiff cushion. Bring the cushions and pillows inside when the weather calls for rain. The cinder blocks can be stained or painted in whatever color matches your backyard.

via BHG

3. DIY Cinder Block Outdoor Bench

You can see how different you can make it by changing out the colors of the cushions or the color of the wood stain.

If you don’t want an extended bench, you can make a DIY cinder block chair as shown in the middle picture. The lumber extends past the side of a two-cushion chair, creating a side table.

via The Owner Builder Network

4. Cinder Block Bench With Recycled Cushion

A graphic print and colorful cinder blocks highlight this charming bench.

A backrest was created by resting cushions against the wall in the back. The bench cushion was made by recovering an old camping mattress pad.

via Lena Sekine

5. Small Painted Cinder Block Bench

The single hole cinder block completes the top. The cushion is held in place with a strap and hook and loop fasteners.

6. L Shaped Outdoor Bench

Here’s a rustic outdoor bench that is reminiscent of a mid-century design. The mitred corners save precious space on this patio.

7. Sturdy J Shape Cinder Block Bench

J Shaped cinder block benches have a backrest. This substantial bench was created with 14 cinder blocks and four pieces of lumber.

Make sure everything is level before you start gluing cinder blocks together with your construction adhesive. The 12 inch blocks weigh over 50 pounds each.

They’ll be hard to move if you have to reposition them after the construction adhesive has set.

8. Cinder Block Furniture Ideas


The coffee table can be made from cinder blocks and painted or covered with fabric.

9. T Shape Cinder Block Bench with 4 x 4s

Since they’re so affordable, you can add them to any part of a large yard where it would be nice to have a permanent seating area.

via Fab Everyday

10. Painted and Stained Cinder Block Benches

The owner wanted their cinder block benches to match up with each section of fencing. Half-lap joints were used to extend the lumber.

The result is the illusion of one long piece of timber for each railing.

via Instructables

11. Cinder Block Couch and Coffee Table

Using the backrest holes as planters adds texture and color.


12. Extended T Shape Cinder Block Bench

Each section is supported by three blocks.

13. Small Cinder Block Benches for Your Firepit

Paint and decorate as you like. We like the extra touch of matching the colors of the benches to the sides of the fire pit.

14. Simple Cinder Block Bench With Planters

Let’s deconstruct this cinder block bench idea. Two stained pine planks are weighted down at each end. The three planters in front of the bench add depth and interest.

The owner confessed the grasses in the top blocks were fake. She didn’t want moist dirt rotting the bench.

via A Kailo Chic Life


15. Graphic T Shape Cinder Block Bench Idea

via A.V. Does What

16. L Shaped Boho Cinder Block Bench

The top cushions are held in place by tucking the coverings underneath the top row of blocks.

via Jennifer Perkins

17. Small White Cinder Block Bench

Prior to pre-treating and painting, clean the blocks with TSP to remove grease or stains.

via Modern Chemistry at Home

18. Extended Corner Cinder Block Bench Idea

One way to ensure your cinder blocks are secure is by creating planters in the holes.

These long posts provide plenty of sturdy bench seating around this patio’s fire pit.

via All Things Thrifty

19. Bright Cinder Block Benches For Any Area

The key is always pre-treating the surface with a waterproof sealant.


20. Beautiful Brown DIY Cement Block Bench

The vintage styles lanterns make you think it’s been there for years.



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