25 Cool Bowling Ball Garden Arts – HOME DECOR IDEAS

25 Cool Bowling Ball Garden Arts - HOME DECOR IDEAS

Bowling balls are great art ideas to adorn your garden and landscape. What’s more, they are easy things to turn into upcycled junk art for your outdoor space. Sometimes, for many gardeners, growing the plants in the season is enough, but some creative lovers will definitely want more. If you are finding DIY ideas to liven up your garden with no monotonous appearance. There are many things you can do in your garden to further enjoy and admire it that you can find in the post today. Check out 25 Cool Bowling Ball Garden Arts!

They are wonderful DIY decorations that are inexpensive and simple but are fun to make and will add a little texture, and whimsy to your yard, one of which is making garden spheres out of your recycled bowling balls. You can paint them or glue things to them without needing any sort of painting talent or experience, you also create something completely unique. After finishing, you can create a gorgeous space-painted garden gazing ball. Get creative and have some fun with your garden!

#1 Horseshoe Bowling Ball Garden Sculpture

Source: Etsy

#2 Layered Stone Garden Ball

Source: Pinterest

#3 Wood Bowling Ball Yard Art

Source: Saatchiart

#4 Decorate Your Garden With Blue

Source: Hgvt

#5 Garden Sphere in Black Stone or Slate

Source: Davidharber

#6 Dragonfly Gazing Ball

Source: Flickr

#7 Peace Love Yard Ball

Source: Flickr

#8 Concrete Garden Orbs

Source: Hometalk

#9 Mosaic Bowling Ball Yard Art

Source: Houseofhawthornes

#10 Bowling Ball And Terracotta Pottery

Source: Pinterest

#11 Penny Bowling Ball

Source: Flickr

#12 Bowling Ball Flower

Source: Fleamarketgardening

#13 Bumblebee Bowling Ball

Source: Cathy Andris

#14 Red And White Ball

Source: Flickr

#15 Repurpose Gazing Ball Rainbow

Source: Pinterest

#16 Seashell Ball

Source: Pinterest

#17 Button Bowling Ball

Source: Jill Sickler

#18 Bowling Ball Lawn Orb

Source: Aprettyhappyhome

#19 Wine Cork Garden Art Ball

Source: Empressofdirt

#20 Glass Marble Garden Art Ball

Source: Thegardenglove

#21 Bowling Ball Garden Water Feature

Source: Instructables

#22 Hypertufa Ball

Source: Pinterest

#23 DIY Grapevine Lighting Balls

Source: Lynneknowlton

#24 Rock and Concrete Ball Planters

Source: Madebybarb

#25 Clay Pot Ball

Source: Thewhoot.

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