20+Stunning Small Rock Garden Ideas That You’ll Love to Replicate

The concept of rock garden ideas came into being in the twentieth century. Travelers to the majestic Swiss Alps were impressed by the exquisite flowers and foliage which grew among the snowy heights. Desire for these exotic flora and feel, they transported the theme of rock garden idea from the Alps to their homelands. Some of the most spectacular garden views are the rock gardens.

A rock garden comes in many shapes and sizes ranging from small and simple to vast and elaborate. Each rock garden is unique in its formation. A rock garden idea ranges from rock gardens created with flowers, foliage, rocks to more exotic ones with ponds and waterfalls in them. A well designed rock garden idea gives an added edge to your landscape. Rock gardening is a rewarding and enjoyable pastime making a rock garden a place for relaxation and harmony.

The first step towards a rock garden idea is building with the available rock in the area. Using native rocks of the area brings forth a natural look. You can have a choice of rocks varying from dense sandstone, sturdy limestone, or any other lightweight stone. The second step is the placement of the rocks to give a natural look. For example, on a sloped area, the rocks should be placed to make them look like they are partially protruding from beneath the soil. While at it, follow the natural contours of the terrain when placing the rocks.

While working on a rock garden idea for your landscape, allow the area where you have planted the rocks to settle down for a few weeks to test its stability and soil fertility. Though, there are no hard and fast rules for the type of flora required for rock gardens, you must choose wisely. The plants chosen must be able to survive in the climatic condition you plan your garden and match the landscape as well. Added to this will be your personal favorites in the choice of flora which would like to include in your rock garden ideas. Any plant that can adjust to your location and the climatic conditions are ideal for your garden.

As you proceed to create a rock garden ideas be sure to choose the right soil type. It should be composed of dirt, which is required to be rich, light in texture and well-drained to avoid stagnation of water. Soil such as clay which is termed as hard soil should be lightened by adding mulch or other organic material. Other materials that can be added to the existing soil to make it more fertile are shredded leaves or bark, pine needles, shells from nuts, grass clippings, cocoa bean or buckwheat hulls and manure.

Your garden should have enough exposure to essential elements like wind and sun. Care should be taken while cultivating a rock garden idea, that the garden is not overshadowed by huge trees. Watering is another important criterion. Avail a land that is porous. Stagnation of water or snow is harmful. Avoid watering with the hose pipe or any strong force as they can destroy the growing plants. As you try to grow small plants, avoid the usage of strong and powerful fertilizers. Though the plant may take a little time to grow, the use of organic fertilizers add to the natural health of your landscape – its flora and vegetation all combining to make rock garden ideas the new age answer to exotic landscaping and designer gardening.

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