18 Front Door Plant Ideas to Spruce Up Your Entryway

Your entryway is all about curb appeal, and you can make a big statement with front door plants. But landscaping your entrance comes with some design challenges. You need to find greenery suited for your outdoor space; can your plant take direct sunlight, or does it need a porch with an awning for partial shade? Consider door plants that will compliment the exterior of your home. A wooden door can get dressed up with some pink begonias, while for a door that’s already a pop of color, you may want to go with a boxwood or snake plant.

Whether you’ve got a shady porch perfect for trailing English ivy or a sunny entrance just begging to be framed with cacti, the right plants will breathe a little extra life into your home before you even step inside. Below, find 24 front door plant ideas that will have you inspired to upgrade your entrance.

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