11 Tall Growing Succulents For Your Space – HOME DECOR IDEAS

11 Tall Growing Succulents For Your Space - HOME DECOR IDEAS

Most succulents are slow growers, but when planted outdoors, there are some varieties that can reach great heights over time. Even, they can become towering plants in yards and parks. In this article, let’s explore the 11 Tall Growing Succulents that will add dramatic height to your space. After reading, we are sure that you will be surprised to meet famous names but you did not think they were succulents.

Each has its own interesting character that can be suitable for your taste. You can grow tall succulents as a backdrop for shorter plants, or as a focal point to draw attention away from construction, or if you want to have a life on a farm, these succulents will help you by using their beauty. Growing them will fill up empty spaces in your garden and bring vibrancy and life to your living quarters.

#1 Century Plant

Source: Covingtonnursery

Century Plants can grow up to 30 feet (9.0 meters) and only 8 across (2.4 meters). They are famous for their silver blue pointed leaves that form a round and wide rosette. They produce yellow blooms that reach 24 feet in height (8.0 meters). They can tolerate drought, salt, and rocky soil, they need full sun and well-drained soil to grow well.

#2 Ocotillo

Source: Twitter

Ocotillo can reach 20 feet tall (6.0 meters) and 25 in spread (7.5 meters) and produce long and thin stems in a vase shape. The stems have a marble pattern with gray blues and green shades. Also, the small leaves on the ridges of the ribs. When the summer comes, they will reward you with long and tubular red flowers at the tips of the tall stems. They require full sun, well-drained loam, or sand-based soil.

#3 Sticks On Fire

Source: Cjgardeningcenter

Sticks On Fire grow up towards and can climb to 30 feet (9.0 meters) with only 8 feet in spread (2.4 meters). Its shape looks like a coral with thin, waxy, and long stems. When growing lower levels, the stems start off emerald green, then turn fiery red and orange as they branch off into more and more “sticks”, the color is stronger in winter. It grows well in full Sun or partial shade.

#4 Mother Of Millions

Source: Desertsun

The Mother of millions can grow taller than a man, up to 7 feet tall but only 3 feet in spread. Its leaves and stalks come in patterns of greens, browns, violets, grays, purples, and blues. The bright and showy orange nodding and bell-shaped flowers come in clusters above the plant. It does well in full sun and very well-drained soil.

#5 Elephant Bush

Source: Joyusgarden

Elephant bush can grow up to 12 feet tall and 6 feet in spread with virtually no care at all. When they are young, they look tender, shiny, and purple. They are ideal for hedges, borders, and containers. Give them full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil for happy growth.

#6 Tree Aloe

Source: Bamboosouthcoast

Tree aloe can reach 60 feet in height and 20 in spread with large, upright smooth, grayish, and thick stems. Once mature, they will produce panicles of bright orange tubular flowers huge up above the foliage. They prefer full sun, and well-drained loam or sand-based soil.

#7 Candelabra Spurge

Source: Waterwisegardenplanner

Candelabra spurge has the cactus look and can reach 20 feet and 8 feet in spread, but it belongs to the succulent family. Its thin and long trunk and branches look very much like long candles growing toward the sky. It can handle drought, rocky soil, and salt and requires full sun to grow well.

#8 Crown Of Thorns

Source: Silive

The Crown of thorns grows slowly but steadily to a tall shrub and can reach 6 feet in height. The stems are soft and spiked that look like wood. Also, the flowers are very small with bright red bracts to provide color and structure all year round. It really requires very little care as long as gets full sun.

#9 Spineless Yucca

Source: Plantworldlondon

Spineless Yucca produces leaves with a very waxy and glossy surface and emerald to blue color. It can achieve 30 feet tall and 25 in from side to side. When getting the right care, the blooms will come on large clusters of creamy white bell-shaped flower heads on summer days.

#10 Snake Plant

Source: Kentuckyliving

Snake Plant can grow to up to 8 feet in height and shows off long, slightly curved, and blade-like pointed leaves. It grows happily both in full sun and partial shade. It can tolerate drought and salt.

#11 Joshua Tree

Source: Plantcaretoday

Joshua Tree can reach 30 feet in height and spread as well, making it needs lots of space to grow. The leaves are green and pointed, and the huge panicles of white flowers come in spring. You can propagate it by rhizomes, stem cuttings, and offsets. Keep it in full Sun and provide well-drained loam or sand-based soil.

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